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Iberian Peninsula- the southwestern European peninsula that is bordered by the Pyrenees Mountains in the north, the Mediterranean Sea on the east, the Strait of Gibraltar and northern Africa on the south and the Atlantic Ocean on the west. It contains the countries of Spain and Portugal.


Ice Tail- this is a thick tail made up of wavy, thick hair that fans out to cover and protect the genitals of horses that live in extremely cold regions of the world.


Inbreeding- this is breeding that results in repeated ancestors in the family tree. Conventionally, it is considered that ancestors are repeated within the first four generations, but it can also be thought of as a pedigree that has more than 3.125 percent of any given repeated ancestor.


Incrusted nostrils- this refers to nostrils that do not bugle out from the nose of the horse and, when seeing a facial profile, do not extend themselves past the delineation of the nose.


Indirect Rein- this refers to the use of the rein on the opposite side of the horse in which you desire to enforce control of the horse by placing pressure on the neck. The horse reacts by moving away from the pressure on the neck and moves his head in the opposite direction. In the stock horse industry this is referred to as neck reining and it is taught to control the horse with one hand. Chilean Horses used for Chilean Rodeo depend on both direct and indirect reining even though they are ridden two-handed.

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