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Lateral Dexterity- this is refers to the ability for the horse to make lateral movements. This requires a pronounced crossover of the fore and hind legs. The Chilean Horse has been selected for flexibility and coordination to be able to do this at high speed.


Lateral Neck Flexion- this is the ability to bend the neck back towards the shoulder. Well-trained Chilean Horses consistently bend their neck in the opposite direction of the lateral motion they implement with side steps or two-tracking while working the steer in the Chilean Rodeo.


Latigos - these are the leather straps that are used to tie or buckle the cinch or girth of a stock horse saddle in place. Although this is a Spanish word it has become part of the English stock horse vocabulary.


Leggings- a lower leg protection made of leather that is strapped on to protect the pants and reduce friction to the rider’s calves caused by the stirrup leathers. The Chilean huaso has ornate leggings that are placed over ankle boots of the same color that in conjunction look like high-topped renaissance-era boots.


Line Breeding- this is a type of less intense inbreeding whereby many individuals throughout most branches of the pedigree trace back to a common ancestor that is a distant common denominator through most of the bloodline.

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