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I am a Professional Animal Scientist with a specialization in horses that graduated from the University of Kentucky. For 20 years I worked in the management of elite Thoroughbred horse farms in temperate, tropical and sub-tropical environments. During my professional career I have accumulated experiences as a nutritionist for a commercial feed mill that produced a variety of pelleted and textured balanced rations for domestic animal production; as a consultant that traveled throughout Latin America implementing nutritional program analysis in horse breeding establishments and training centers; as a general advisor on retainer for a leading Thoroughbred breeding farm; and as a commercial trainer of Thoroughbred racehorses at one of the primary race tracks of South America. For the past five years I have trained Chilean Horses in western stock horse disciplines, taught the principles of natural horse training, counseled Chilean Horse breeders on many aspects of horse production, written informative articles about the Chilean Horse breed, while researching and writing my book The Chilean Horse: America’s Oldest Registered Cowhorse. Presently, I am involved in promoting the Chilean Horse breed and working as a bloodstock agent and consultant for clients desirous of exporting this breed to countries outside of Chile.

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