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My goal is to help the Chilean Horse receive the recognition it deserves as a specific breed. Moreover, I hope to clearly establish the fact in the equine literature the world over that this breed pioneered the concept of an organized breed registry for stock horses. I will strive to also emphasize that it has proudly maintained the concept of a closed breed registry whose intent has always traced back to ancestors of Iberian origin. My aspiration is that all general horse breed books in the 21st century and beyond include the Chilean Horse among the principal breeds of the world. I aim to motivate ground-breaking Chilean Horse breeders in all the major cattle producing cultures, as well as beyond those borders into any country interested in participating in the international stock horse competitions that are progressively gaining in popularity. It is my aim that the Chilean Horses that reach these distant markets will be good specimens of the breed with proven pedigrees, sound conformations, and representative breed type and temperament. My ambition is that good breeders from around the world will contribute to improving the Chilean Horse breed by continuing to select for the desirable traits that more predictably become a part of future generations. It is my expectation that with broader breeding grounds throughout the world we will both, create a greater genetic diversity, as well as a larger gene pool from which to identify outstanding individuals. My objective is to collaborate in maintaining a tie between Chilean Horse breeders abroad and the Chilean Horse registry of Chile, so that the intentions of Chilean Horse breeders everywhere hold fast to the traditional targets for the breed.

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