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Image         I realize that most blogs are set up as a means of exchanging commentaries about a particular subject of interest. However, since the Chilean Horse page has a didactic objective I feel that I better utilize my time informing interested parties about the breed rather than monitoring a blog of commentaries.


The way this works on the page is that anybody is free to ask a question in the Ask Randall section. In the Terms of Agreement it will be understood that the people asking the questions must fully identify themselves in order to be assured I am receiving conscientious questions from responsible persons. To the best of my ability I will answer each inquiry personally to the email address I am provided. However, the Terms of Agreement also stipulate that any question I feel could be of value to other readers of the web page may be posted in the Q&A Blog. In the Q&A Blog the persons posing the questions will only be identified by first name, city and country of residence. In this manner the visitors to will not only have access to the ten most Frequently Asked Questions which are general in nature, but they can also review the Q&A Blog and see a whole series of questions of general and specific nature which will better inform them about the breed.




 It is recommended that new visitors to start by reviewing the FAQ and Q&A Blog sections to inform themselves about what information the site offers about the breed. Then if there are still unanswered questions, the visitor can submit them in Ask Randall and receive a personal response.
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