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SORRY!! This part of the web page is still under construction. 

1- I authorize any question I send in to "Ask Randall" in www.chileanhorse.com to be used in the this web page at the discretion of its author.

2- It is my understanding that any of my questions and the web page author's respective answers may be transferred to the Q&A blog at www.chileanhorse.blogspot.com for public viewing.

3- It is clear that I must fill out the "Ask Randall" Questionnaire in order to submit a valid inquiry to the author of this web site.

4- I am aware that when my question is posted on "Q&A Blog" my first name, city and country of residence will be made public.

5- I understand that in providing the information required on the questionnaire all the information I have given, other than my first name, city and country of residence, will remain confidential and thus will not be distributed to third parties of any kind.

6- It is my clear understanding that the answers of the author of this web page are personal opinions that in no way can be held liable for any actions or consequences that may have resulted by the interpretation of said response.

Yes I agree          O

No I don't agree   O


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