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Please fill out this questionnaire in order to submit your question to Randall.

Tour first Name(s):                               ______________________ (*)

Your last name:                                    ______________________

Your email sddress:                              ______________________ (*)

Your web page:                                   http://_________________ (optional)

Your city of residence                          _______________________ (*)

Your country of residence                    _______________________ (*)


How are you involved in the horse industry?

                             A pleasure or performance horse owner     O

                             A horse breeder                                       O

                             A professional horse trainer                       O

                             A professional horse care provider             O

                             A horse enthusiast & none of the above      O

                             A student researching the subject               O

What discipline do you practice?

                                                  stock horse events                O

                                                  dressage and/or jumping       O

                                                  carriage horse                      O

                                                  trail riding and/o trekking      O

When did you learn for certain there was a Chilean Horse breed?

                                                  just now                              O

                                                  in the past year                    O

                                                  2-5 years ago                       O

                                                  More than 5 years ago          O

Could you or anyone you know be interested in owning a Chilean Horse?

                                                  yes                                      O

                                                  no                                       O

How did you learn about this web site?

                                                  a search                               O

                                                  a friend                                O

                                                  a link                                   O

How would you classify this web page?

                                                  poor                                      O

                                                  average                                 O

                                                  excellent                                O

THANK YOU VERY MUCH  for your cooperation. Please continue by going to the "Submit question to Ask Randall" link.

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