Hacaneas- these were jacas that had a heritable comfortable pacing gait that was popular with ladies, clergy, elderly or handicapped people.


Hacienda- a large ranch primarily involved in raising livestock but could have other agrarian projects. Working families lived on the premises and were very faithful to the owner. The haciendas were, to a great degree, self sufficient in meeting most of the social needs of the owner and workers, including church and schooling.

 Haras- a French word used before the name of all Chilean Thoroughbred breeding farms.

Haute ecòle- this refers to high-schooled training in the equestrian arts.


Hispania- this is the Roman name given to the holdings of the empire in the Iberian Peninsula. Later, during the reconquest, it would give rise to the unifying idea of an independent “España”.


Hispaniola- this was the original name given by the Spanish to the island that presently is made up of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This was the site of the first Spanish colony, later to become the first Viceroyalty in the Americas.