La sortija- this refers to the sport of “ring race” that was another equestrian game with numerous variations that have been played around the world. The “ring race” always entailed spearing rings of various diameters with a lance of corresponding size while riding at full speed. Its origins probably go back to the Moors. In the manner in which it was first implemented, the riders used a foot long (30.5 cm) miniature lance to try and skewer a golden ring that was dangling from a thread. Other versions were more war-like in that they used an 11 foot (3.4 meter) lance with which the rider had to spear wooden rings between ½” and 2” in diameter that were hung from inverted “L” posts that were placed every 25 yards (23m) in a 100 yard (92 m) course.


Las Tres Marías- this is a slang term that referred to the three balls (“bolas”) in the boleadoras used to catch large animals or in hand-to-hand combat.


Leguas- this refers to “leagues” which are a common measure of distance in the Spanish Empire that was estimated to be equivalent to 4.0 km or 40 colonial blocks of 100 meters each. Unfortunately, there are also literary sources that calculated it to be 4.5 km and still others 6 km, which make the term confusing. There is also a nautical league that is around 5.5 km.