Quebradas- desert valleys formed by melted snow flowing down from the mountains.


Quechua- this was the language spoken by the Quechuas which were the dominant Native Americans in the Inca Empire between 1200 and 1532. Due to Incan imperial influence, Quechua became a widely spoken language throughout the Andean region and replaced many indigenous languages that were used prior to this. This facilitated the Spanish conquerors as well as they could rely on indigenous translators they had captured to be able to speak a lingua franca with many different indigenous peoples they encountered. 


Quilamutanos- these are Chilean Horses that descend from Hacienda Quilamuta.

 Quincha- this is the area of the medialuna where the corraleros are expected to pin the bovines against a padded wall. Originally, the quincha was made of woven willow branches.