Semana de la Chilenidad- “Chilean Heritage Week”. This glorious event, held in the 43 ha. (108 acre) fair grounds in the heart of one of the newer boroughs of Santiago, celebrates Chilean rural customs with all sorts of exhibitions and competitions, country cooking, crafts and folklore in verse, music and dancing that keeps the urbanites in touch with their rural heritage.


Sentada- stopping abruptly with the horses’ haunches well under the body. It is more like the Doma Vaquera acute stop rather than the long, sliding stop seen in NRHA reining.


Serratón- a serrated metal bosal introduced by the Iberians that is still actively used in Spain today. The modern versions are encased in leather and are called “serretas”, and many Spaniards use this prior to exposing the horse to the bit.


Sertao- this is a part of northeastern tropical Brazil that was settled in 1550 and became well known for its large cattle production and vaqueiro (cowboy) traditions.


Sociedad Nacional de Agricultura (SNA) - National Society of Agriculture.


Spanish Castilian jacas or jacas jinetas- these were athletic and elegant ponies that had the high-stepping action required for the mount of nobility. This type of mount was very popular with the wealthy.