Types of Bloodstock

Registered Chilean Horses

I     Stallions (proven and prospects of any age)

II    Broodmares (in foal or barren to be bred to stallion of choice)

III   Colts and Fillies (most available at auctions will be two year olds, some yearlings are available and weanlings can only be purchased privately)

IV   Performance Horses (unbroke prospects, horses in training, corraleros competing in rodeos and Champions of Rodeo or Halter competitions )

Chilean Thoroughbreds   

Chilean Thoroughbreds are of very good quality and certainly one of the most cost effective places to buy Throughbreds in the world. Every year Chilean bred Thoroughbreds are making a name for themselves internationally in spite of exporting conservative numbers of horses. Horses like Lido Palace, Malek, Puerto Madero and others have represented American racing with honor in international races like the Dubai World Cup.  Ever since Cougar II became the first foreign bred horse to win over a million dollars in purse money on American tracks, Chile has continued to send prime race horses to compete in the USA. Today they reach markets in the far east, Australia, South Africa, the Middle East and Europe as well.

I     Racehorses with any level of performance record (private purchase)

II    Broodmares (in foal to Southern Hemisphere breeding or barren to be bred in Northern Hemisphere breedings-very few offered in auctions most will be private purchases)

III   Colts and Fillies (Two year olds with Southern Hemisphere birthdates available in auctions between June and October, weanlings available only through private purchase)

Other Breeds

Chile offers an assortment of other breeds as well. The country has some good jumpers, competitive endurance horses, a decent population of Arabians, a growing number of Quarter Horses and small numbers of Friesians, Norwegian Fiords, Percherons and Belgian Ardennais. There is also a small native pony breed that originates in the Isle of Chiloe which has a very interesting history.